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The Story

The year was 1976. Jimmy Carter was about to become our next president; the Viking probe lands on Mars; Betamax and VHS VCRs are released; Apple Computer is launched; Illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico is at an all time high - and so is the crime along the San Diego/Tijuana border.

The victims: peasants wanting to come into the U.S. for a better life.

The perpetrators: ruthless bandits who every night would rob, rape and murder defenseless men, women and children as they tried to make their way into the U.S.

The bandits to a degree were smart. They would cross over into the United States and wait for their prey. Once they committed their crimes they crossed back over into Mexico - making it difficult for law enforcement on the U.S. side to apprehend them.

Something needed to be done.

The Task Force

The Task ForceA squad of tough cops called The Border Crime Task Force was created to try to curb the crime problem along the border. Many thought they were heroes while others called them lawless renegades. Their mission for the next eighteen-months would be to patrol the border - not to stop the thousands of illegal aliens coming into the U.S., but to stop the bandits.

Their plan seemed simple enough. They would disguise themselves as illegal aliens and confront the dangerous shadows of the night. Yet each night they walked along the border, they came closer to another boundary line - a fragile line within each man and crossing it meant destroying their sanity and their lives.

Some lines shouldn't be crossed.

The Task Force

Gunslinger, also gunfighter, is a name that was given to men in the American Old West who had gained a reputation as being dangerous with a gun... A gunslinger could be an outlaw, a robber or murderer who took advantage of the wilderness of the frontier to hide from, and make periodic raids on, genteel society. The gunfighter could also be an agent of the state, archetypally a lone avenger, but more often a sheriff, whose duty was to face the outlaw and bring him to, or, more likely, personally administer justice.

The BookThe Task Force

This documentary is based on true events as described in the book titled "Lines and Shadows" written by Joseph Wambaugh. This was a non-fiction best seller about the exploits of The Border Crime Task Force.


This film is being produced by Veronica Godina and directed by Robert C. Godina.




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